About Us

M Carbon Sdn. Bhd. is a distributor appointed by Morgan AM&T in Malaysia for the supplying of carbon and the related products. We are committed to serve the general industries other than railway industry in Malaysia.

M Carbon established as a company to supply and distribute carbon brushes, brush holders, linear current collectors, diagnostic and maintenance products, seal, bearing, rotor, & vane, thermal ceramics, advance ceramics, AEGIS Bearing protection, rotary transfer system, and rigid board insulation, and the related products.

Our Principle, Morgan AM&T is a globally recognized company specialized in advanced materials technology with unparalleled expertise in the processing and applications of carbon, graphite, silicon carbide, oxide ceramics and other related materials. Morgan AM&T, part of the Carbon Division, manufactures a wide range of engineered products such as carbon, graphite, silicon carbide and other advanced materials in locations around the world. Morgan AM&T develops, manufactures and marketing technologically innovative solutions that enhance the performance of its customers’ products and hence optimize operations.

Technology and Expertise

Apart from supplying developed innovative Morgan’s products, we are dedicated to find customized, value-added solutions for our customers through the understanding the industry-specific needs, opportunities and the challenges they encountered.

With the full technical support from Morgan’s proprietary technology, coupled with their proven expertise, technical-knowhow and resources, M Carbon Sdn. Bhd. is able to consistently deliver customised innovative solutions to suit our customers’ specific needs and deliver on-time, quality services to various industries that relied on advanced materials. Our systematic approaches and continuing commitment enhance our reputation with customers and the industry.


Our product is manufactured with OEM standards. All the products are customized to meet customer specification which will help to enhance product lifespan.